We offer complete commercial energy audits.

We provide comprehensive roof system energy audits as a part of our industrial and commercial roofing services. This audit consists of an in-depth analysis of the energy-saving potential of your entire roof assembly. We will conduct a life-cycle cost analysis of each roofing component, as well as the roofing system as a whole. Our roofing system energy audits will help you identify areas for potential improvement and savings that can be enjoyed long-term.



Energy efficiency and costs are of great concern to every business. A thorough commercial energy audit can help you evaluate your current energy situation and identify areas for potential savings. We will examine such roof components as insulation, code compliance, air barriers and microclimate.

The quality of your roofing materials, surface coating and vapor retarders matter so much when it comes to energy efficiency. Not only do we examine and audit your roofing system, but we can offer you effective energy efficient solutions, including “green” roofing options. It is critical that all aspects of your roofing system be designed to maximize energy efficiency and monetary savings for years to come. Call us today to learn more about our commercial energy audits in Atlanta & the Southeast.

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