Stop leaks, extend life, and save money with roof coatings

Protect your roof against the elements

Coating the roof of your commercial or industrial property can achieve many objectives, from added waterproofing and water damage resistance to reflective coatings that keep the roof cool and reduce your energy bills in the process. But with so many options at so many different prices, which one is best for your property?

Consult with SRC to get the right coating for your property. We specialize in the following types of roof coatings: aluminum coating, urethane coating, elastomeric coating, and acrylic coating. The type of coating recommended will vary depending on the type and condition of the existing roof, and it comes with a manufacturer’s warranty. Our roofing experts will apply this coating quickly and within budget so you have a perfectly finished, long-lasting coat that improves the appearance of your property, improved protection from elements, cost and energy savings, and gives you maximum return on investment.

We offer the following coatings

Other Roofings Systems

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